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Q.)  When will I hear from my coach?

A.)  Coaches can get their rosters in late July. No practice or team event can happen any earlier than August-1. Because of summer vacations, some coaches may pick up their team packages late and you may not be contacted until the early to mid-August.

Q.) I still have not heard from my coach, what now?
 A.) If by the middle of August you have not heard from a coach, please contact Regional Division Rep for assistance. Please also remember that if your contact information has changed since registering your child, your coach may not know how to reach you.

Q.) When does the season start?

A.) For U14 players and below our regular season starts the weekend after Labor Day and ends two weekends before Thanksgiving.

 Q.) Will all matches be on Saturdays?
A.) For U14 and below, all matches will be on Saturdays. Roughly half of the U16 & U19 matches will be held on Sunday afternoons and some weekday evenings. U16 & U19 matches are scheduled like this due to limited fields and availability of qualified referees.

Q.) What does U6, U8, U19 mean?

A.) These are common terms used across globe to describe the age division of a team. The “U” stands for “Under” and the number stands for their age. A U12 player is a player who has had their 10th birthday, but not yet had their 12th birthday (is under) on August-1 of the current soccer season year.


Q.) What equipment do I need?
A.) Your player should come to practice wearing shorts, shin guards, and soccer cleats (soccer shoes). The shin guards must be worn against the skin with soccer socks over them. For younger players you can recycle your baseball shoes as long as you cut the toe cleat off leaving no sharp edges. Players should also bring their own water bottle.


Q.) Where will my team practice?

A.) La Mesa AYSO uses 7 fields in our community. For insurance reasons you can only practice on our designated fields. The coach will generally pick the field closest to where they live, but may adjust this depending on crowding or the needs of the team.

Q.) When will my team practice?
A.) Again, this is at the discretion of your coach. Most coaches will pole their families for a time and day(s) that work best for the maximum number of players.


Q.) What about carpooling?

A.) All of us have busy lives and carpooling is encouraged between parents on the same team. For liability reasons, any parent transporting someone else’s children should have a letter in their glove-box specifying that they have permission to transport other family’s children.