La Mesa continues to enjoy Championship teams

in our Core Program,  our Matrix Program

and our Extra Program!


2014 GU14 All Star Finalist!

2014 Gu14 La Mesa All Stars


2014 GU10 All Star Champs!

2014 Gu10 La Mesa All Stars


2014 BU14 All Star Champs!

2014 BU14 La Mesa All-Stars - Area V Champs (2)


GU10 TOC Champs!


2013 GU10 TOC Champs

BU10 TOC Champs!

2013 BU10 TOC Champs

La Mesa GU9 Extra team “Lightening” won the Section 11 Area R, S, V Extra Program Tournament Championship

2013 GU9 Select Champs1


Here is the 2013 BU14 Turkey Day Champions!

Turkey Champs!

BU10 Snipes 2013 Turkey Tournament Winners!

BU10 Snipes

BU12 Finalists in Turkey Tournament!

BU12 Finalist

BU15 Matrix were 2013 CV Rangers Thanksgiving Finalists with 2nd medals awarded! Congrats boys!

 2012 Champions!

BU12 Sneed T.O.C. Champions!!! GU14 – Will

 BU14 – Nenn GU12 – Angarola

 BU12 – Paredes GU10 – Fagan

Turkey Tournament 2012 BU10 – Coach McMann – Champions

GU10 – Coach Coppo – 2nd Place

BU12 – Coach Sneed – Champions

GU14 – Coach Will – Champions

BU14 – Coach Cashman – Champions

San Diego Open 2012 Matrix Girls U12 – Finalist Matrix Girls U13 Blue – Champions Matrix GU13 White – Finalist Presidio League 2011-2012 Matrix Girls U17 – Champions (undefeated)