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President’s Letter To Our Members

Dear Members,

I’m writing to give you an update on our work with the Active Youth Network (AYN), specifically, their recent change in compensation for their local advertising system QuickAds.

AYN has increased the revenue share on QuickAds from 15% to 70%. This was done to give us a chance to raise funds quickly as they build up their national advertising network.

AYN has provided us with tools that make it easy for us to teach local merchants and businesses about the benefits of advertising on our club and team websites and support us for just $1.00 a day.

It’s important that you take a little time to understand the impressive amount of money we can raise just by getting a relatively small number of businesses to spend $1.00 a day to support us. The QuickAds Math Brochure explains “the math” behind this impressive fundraising tool.

Like all youth sports clubs, we live with the reality of fundraising: Every time we complete a fundraising program we have to think of another program because the money we just made will run out in short order.

QuickAds has the unique advantage of being a sustaining program. The $1.00 a day advertising program will automatically renew every month for most advertisers allowing us to build an ongoing – growing stream of monthly revenue.

The items in this fundraising tool kit AYN has provided, demonstrate the potential revenue we can create just by making a small effort. When you see what is possible, I’m hoping you will use the tools AYN has provided and talk to people you know in the local business community.

There are two tools: a 1) customized brochure and 2) short online video that explain the benefits of QuickAds to businesses and merchants. (there is an additional video that explains QuickAds to us)

The great thing about QuickAds is that we do not have to create the ads or collect money. It’s a completely self-service system. The business builds its’ ad online and pays with a credit card. Our revenue is automatically paid to us by AYN.

Please take a look at the tool kit materials and watch the two videos on QuickAds and contact me with your ideas, comments and questions. Chris Westerkamp and Nick Cavarra of AYN are happy to help us get the ball rolling so we can start enjoying the benefits of this fundraising service which they provide at no cost to our club.

This is well worth the effort and it’s a win-win situation benefiting our club, our families and our local supporters.

Thank you!