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Offiside  – Great video on Offside.

Parts of the Field – Another great video on parts of the field

 Clarification – Player Injury Procedure:

The following is taken from the AYSO Guidance for Referees and Coaches – 2008: (see link above: Page 67)

If the referee allows a coach, parent, or other responsible adult to enter the field to assess an injured player, must that player leave the field and, if so, when may the player reenter?

Law 5 requires the referee to stop the match if, in his or her opinion, a player is seriously injured. Law 5 also requires the referee to ensure that the player leaves the field of play.

The determination of what constitutes a ‘serious injury’ should take into account the player’s age. The younger the player, the quicker the referee’s whistle to stop the game. The referee should then beckon the coach to come assess the injured player.

If the referee believes the player is only slightly injured, play should be allowed to continue until the ball is out of play. In this case the injured player is not required to leave the field of play unless someone has entered to assess the injury.

As soon as it is safe to do so, the person responsible for checking the injured player’s condition must escort the player off the field of play. This allows time for determination of the player’s ability to safely continue playing.

If a goalkeeper is injured but not being substituted, he or she may be treated on the field of play and is not required to leave. Injuries involving a goalkeeper and another player and any severe injury to a player such as a concussion, broken leg, swallowed tongue, etc., may also be treated on the field of play.

Before an injured player may return to the field of play, the match must have restarted and the referee signaled permission for the player to return. If the ball is in play, entry must be from a touch line; if the ball is not in play entry may be from a goal line or a touch line.

It is important that the referee remain alert as to when the player is ready to return and give permission at the earliest opportunity so that the player’s team is returned to full strength.




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