The Tournament Director will have jurisdiction over all the games played in the tournament.  All disputes will be resolved by the Tournament Director or their designee. No Protests Allowed.

  1. 1.         National, Section and Area “V” guidelines will prevail when conditions arise not covered by these tournament rules.
  1. 2.         All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 tournament format matches.  The tournament director and staff will form playing pools only when this standard can be met.  Deviation from a 3 match minimum will be done only under exceptional circumstances and with the concurrence of all coaches involved.
  1. 3.         This Labor Day Tournament is open to only Section 11 AYSO teams/players currently registered to play in the 2013 fall outdoor season. No club teams, spring teams, extra program or all-star teams will be admitted.  Coaches are responsible for insuring the eligibility of their players. 3 guest players per team are allowed per roster.  The guest players must be CORE program players from the same region. A roster with eligible players per above guidelines shall be signed by your Regional commissioner with their contact information and be presented at team check in.

Rosters will be accepted in either of two formats only. 

1. 3.  a.     Official eAYSO roster signed by the appropriate Regional Commissioner with their contact information

  1. 3. b.    Alternate Labor Day Classic Tournament Roster form signed by the appropriate Regional Commissioner
  1. 4.         The team listed first on the game schedule is the home team. The home team side of each field will be MARKED in a clear manner. Visitor will get kickoff at the start of each game.
  1. 5.         In the event of a color conflict as determined by the assigned referee, the designated home team will wear pinnies (warm-up vests).
  1. 6.         Games and play will be managed according to the following



Player Format

Minimum Players

Game Format

Keeper Play


8 vs 8


Two 20 min halves 5 min break

Max half game


9 vs 9


Two 25 min halves 5 min break

Max half game


11 vs 11


Two 25 min halves 5 min break

No limit

The semi-finals and championship games will be in accordance with AYSO rules.  Please note that game lengths / overtime may be altered to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.


  1. 7.         Each team must arrive at their playing field at least forty-five minutes before their first scheduled game for check in.  Coaches must have original signed parent release forms for each player.  Failure to have the proper signed forms in the coach’s possession will result in the suspension of the team, or should one player’s release slip be missing, that player will not be allowed to play, with no refund due them.
  1. 8.         Properly completed AYSO game cards (total of 4 game cards) shall be presented during check in and those cards will be given to the referee prior to the start of the game.  The game cards shall include the full names of the all players that are listed on the team roster, whether or not the players are present.  The game card will show players full name and they will be listed in numerical jersey number order on the card.
  1. 9.         No PETS, Alcohol or Tobacco products will be tolerated at the playing fields or at any tournament site.  Violations of the behavior and other guidance in the AYSO parents and coaches codes of conducts may result in removal from the tournament venue.  Coaches are responsible for their entire sideline.
  1. 10.      10-Point scoring system will be used for pool play, points will be awarded as follows:

         6 Points      for a win                                  

         3 Points      for a tie

         1 Point        for a shut out               

         1 Point        for each goal up to three goals

         0 Points      for a loss

         -1 Point       applied for every yellow card (caution) issued during the tournament

         -2 Points     applied for each red card (2 cautions = Sendoff= -2Pts.)

                    Note: With a 0-0 tie, each team will receive points for a shut out and a tie (4 Points each)

  1. 11.      Any team that forfeits shall lose by a score of 0-1. (Result is 0-8 points)
  1. 12.      At the conclusion of the pool play, should there be a tie for teams advancing to the semi-finals round, the following tie breaker shall apply in this order:

         a.      Head to head competition

         b.      Fewest goals allowed

         c.      Team with most shut outs

         d.      Goal Differential (goals scored less goals allowed with a maximum differential of three goals per game, highest differential wins)

         Note on ties:

         a.      To determine which teams move on to the next round: After considering a, b, c, and d, if teams are still tied at the end of the pool play, a shootout will be played at a time to be agreed upon.

         b.      To determine seeding of teams to move on to the next round: After considering a, b, c, and d, if teams are still tied at the end of the pool play, a coin toss will be used to determine placement. (1st vs. 2nd, etc.)


  1. 13.      If a forfeit game exists for any reason, goal differential will not be used to determine the winner for pool play.
  1. 14.      In the championship rounds, any game ending in a tie will be decided with an overtime consisting of two five (5) minutes periods. At the conclusion of the overtime, should teams still be tied, the winner will be decided by kicks from the mark.
  1. 15.      During any over time period, free substitutions will be allowed in accordance with AYSO rules.
  1. 16.      Awards: Medals will be awarded as follows:

Division U10 – U14:           1st & 2nd Place

   * If no semi or final matches are played, standings will be determined by the most points in pool play or

     “round-robin” format.